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Take a look at the tenant improvement photos below!

Improvements to properties made by tenants.

I work hard to find the right tenants for the right properties. I give them privacy but also expect a lot out of them. Here are some photos showing how tenants not only do take care of houses but also improve them with their own time and money.  

This tenant put alot of work into this lawn. They got it looking green and pulled the ugly shrubs that were in front of the house.

These tenants pulled a dead bush from the ground beside the driveway and put in pavers so they had a nice looking place for the garbage cans.

Colorado Springs rental
tenant improved pavement for rental

Below you will see an entire bathroom transformation done by a tenant. They paid for it themselves for their own enjoyment. Notice there is new flooring and even a new vanity.

Bathroom before

Below is another bathroom transformation done by a tenant. Looks great to me!

Tenant added shelves to the oversized garage.

Here the tenants added the railing by the door, and took out the bricks around the flower bed to replace them with better looking retaining bricks.

Storm knocked the fence down and I only heard about it after it was back up! I love my tenants!

These tenants have transformed this backyard into a beautiful garden oasis! They have made it their home. New retaining wall, garden stones, and flowers. I am happy they love it so much!

Below you can see the before picture of the yard. The tenants tilled the yard, added top soil and grass seed, lined the edge with rocks and some bushes, and even made a bird bath! The yard now has grass coming in. I love that they take so much pride in their home and the yard.