Helping seniors pay for senior living, sooner.

Empowering Families

Protecting Seniors

New Generation Homes works with seniors and their families to make sure their transition into senior living is a comfortable transition.

We take away the stress of having to deal with homes that may be out of date, or need some work in order to sell, and we buy the house in as-is condition.

We know that time is of the essence in these situations so we are flexible and can close when YOU want to close so you get the money you need when you need it. You can even leave the "stuff" you don't want IN the house!

And last but not least, there is NO PRESSURE! If I am not the solution you need, I am going to refer you to someone that is. I understand that every family has different struggles, stresses, and needs. I am ready to listen to what you NEED, and I will do my best to help.

Yes, Please have Lindsey call me.

"Lindsey bought their house and also helped them with the many issues of moving. She used many hours of her own time searching the computer regarding moving issues... She obtained airline tickets for them and informed them of the rules for flying with a pet. She went beyond what was necessary to help..."

Marie Dent

What we do to help you.

  • We can BUY a HOUSE for CASH. QUICKLY.
  • Hire movers for you.
  • We buy in any condition, no need to make repairs or clean out belongings.
  • No commissions or fees to pay
  • Can get you cash before you sell the house depending on circumstances
  • You choose when to close. Can close in as little as a week!

We understand that when you are a senior trying to sell your house there are usually a lot of emotions involved. It may be the house you had for the last 30 years with your spouse or the house your kids grew up in.

If you are a family member, trying to sell the house for a senior, there are many stressors AND deep emotions involved. This is not taken lightly on our part.

In either of these situations we want you to know you will never be pressured to move faster or do anything you don't want to do. Lindsey will simply meet with you at the house, take a look at it, and sit down with you to find out what you need! Lindsey will work with you to help take away any stressors she can while also providing references for anything she cannot take care of. Lindsey wants to be a connection to others you may need in this journey as well as a helping had and an ear to listen.

Here are just a few of the things we can do to help those in your situation!

New Generation Home Buyers Colorado springs

"I couldn't be more pleased!... Over the time I dealt with Lindsey while trying to make up my mind, she was very patient, There was never a hint of pressure and she always returned my calls and texts promptly...

I am very happy with the process and transaction. Lindsey seemed to appreciate that it was a process that at times was difficult for me.

I will not hesitate to recommend Lindsey to any of my friends or family...."

- Kathleen

Colorado Springs Investor testimonial

The Process

Lindsey will visit the property to see what it needs.

She will sit with you to find out what you need. Do you need to close fast? Close on a certain day? Do you need movers BEFORE closing? Do you need a few days to get extra belongings AFTER the closing? Do your need to LEAVE all the things you don't want out of the house?

We will go over what the houses are worth in the area and exactly why my offer is what ever it is.

If you should accept the offer, you just tell me when you want to close and I will take it from there!

On-Site Evaluation

Property Comps

You get a cash offer

Accept No-Strings Attached Offer

"Lindsey was extremely helpful in all details of my sisters home. After the passing of my sisters husband and myself being a 1000 miles away, I needed someone I could trust to help me and my sister with a swift and clean transaction. I blindly put my faith in Lindsey and she did not let me down. She is honest and responsive at all times.

Thank You Lindsey, Bob."

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How is it possible for New Generation Homes to be so flexible?

We are able to close on the date of YOUR choosing because we don't need to move into the house! We don't have to wait on another house to sell in order to close on yours either. PLUS, we are not using a traditional lender. We are using private lenders that have worked with us for years and we pay cash for the house. This allows us to close on your house as quickly as you need or on a specific date.

How do you come up with your offer?

People love how transparent I am with numbers. I show them comps of what the house could sell for if it was in perfect condition, and I show what it will go for in its current condition.

You will not have to pay for any commissions, inspections, or holding costs.

Many times these families net close to the same number selling the house to New Generation Homes, that they would have had they rehabbed and sold the house with a realtor. Only they do it with no time or effort.